Catalysts of your success!


Research activity in the LLC "NIAP-KATALIZATOR" is aimed toward the development of catalysts primarily for the syngas production from hydrocarbons: sulfur removal, hydrocarbons reforming, carbon monoxide shift, methanation, besides that, for the removal of organic impurities, oxygen, hydrogen, methanol, nitrogen oxides, methane and ozone from process and waste gases and for some other processes of organic and inorganic catalysis.
Most of the catalysts we produce now were developed by our R&D department.

Unique testing units together with modern methods of physical and chemical analysis allow full-scale comprehensive studies of the developed catalysts. There is also the equipment for the study of gas-dynamic characteristics of the catalysts in conditions close to the operating ones.

The team of highly qualified specialists has wide experience in catalysts operating in industry.


Responding to customers needs, the R&D department staff is permanently working to improve the catalysts quality. A range of catalysts for natural gas reforming of complex geometric shapes was recently developed, for instance, the optimized catalyst having the shape of a perforated sphere, providing low pressure drop across the catalyst bed and reduced wall temperature of the reaction tubes. The range of methanation catalysts is expanding. New technologies for catalysts production for low-temperature shift and purification of process and waste gases were worked out.

The results of our studies of gas-dynamic characteristics of the catalysts and the dynamics of absorption of impurities in the gas are published in the world scientific press.