Catalysts of your success!

The catalyst (previously produced as KZA) is used for autothermalreforming of natural gas and other light hydrocarbons in the temperature range 1020 – 1050 °C, feed gas and air mixture space velocity 700 h-1, air/gas volume ratio in the range 2.5 – 2.8 to produce controlled atmospheres with low oxidants content employed in cementation and nitrocarburizing of metal wares.

The catalyst is the promoted nickel oxide on the macroporous support. It contains promoters providing thermal stability and preventing carbonization.

Catalyst mass loaded is 3-4 times less than for GIAP-3 and GIAP-8 catalysts, with the same performance.









(TU 113-03-2007-93)



Macroporous cubes

Granules dimensions, mm:

(17×17×17) ± 3.0

Bulkdensity, kg/liter

0.30 - 0.34

Granulesdensity, kg/liter

0.45 - 0.57

Mechanical strength - crush force,MPa, not less than


Nickel oxide (NiO) content, wt%

10.0 - 12.0


On the customer request, the catalyst may be produced with granules dimensions (30×30×30) ± 5.0 mm, bulk density 0.27 - 0.37 kg/liter and other properties not worse than in the above table.




JSC “KAMAZ”, JSC “AVTOVAZ”, group of companies “GAZ” and other metallurgical and machinery works in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus.